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Estates & Trust
We work with a variety of individual clients, handling the preparation of wills, living trusts, durable powers of attorney, irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, minor’s trusts and family entities, and counseling clients in the areas of gifting techniques, asset protection, charitable planning and business succession planning.  We also advise fiduciaries in estate, conservatorship and trust administration matters.

Fiduciary Litigation
Our firm works on litigation matters involving will and trust contests, breach of fiduciary duty actions, fiduciary fee disputes, will and trust construction, trust modifications and terminations, and federal estate and gift tax audits.  Scott Martinsen has extensive fiduciary litigation experience and Dan Wheeler, formerly the Probate Commissioner of Jackson County, Missouri, has joined our firm to work with Martinsen in this practice area. Bob Kirkland and Wheeler also serve as mediators in trusts and estates disputes.

Real Estate Law
We handle a variety of transactional real estate matters, including sales, leasing, mortgage lending, Missouri foreclosures and preparation of deeds.   Dick Woods has over 35 years of experience in these matters. 

Business Law
As estate planners, our attorneys are often involved in closely-held business planning matters.  In particular, Bob Steinkamp has over 30 years of experience handling day-to-day corporate issues, as well as asset or stock sales, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder disputes and contract matters.  Steinkamp is also an experienced mediator of business disputes.

As litigation costs and time delays increase, the utilization of pre-trial mediation continues to grow by leaps and bounds.The use of a mediator that practices in the area of estates and trusts is beneficial to effective mediation in fiduciary litigation matters. Bob Kirkland frequently is engaged as a mediator of fiduciary litigation matters, and Dan Wheeler, formerly Jackson County Probate Commissioner, also serves as a mediator for these types of disputes. Bob Steinkamp is very experienced in mediating business disputes.


Robert K. Kirkland

Estates, Trusts & Fiduciary Litigation

Richard D. Woods

Estates, Trusts & Real Estate

Scott K. Martinsen

Estates, Trusts & Fiduciary Litigation

Daniel P. Wheeler

Estates and Trusts, Fiduciary Litigation, Mediation

Robert T. Steinkamp

Business Law & Mediation

Nikki Frerker

Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration

Michelle Burge

Probate Administration, Fiduciary Litigation

Emily J. Kembell

Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration, Transfer Tax Planning, Adult & Minor Guardianships

Catherine Moore

Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration and Mediation

Heather Hall

Probate Administration, Fiduciary Litigation

Alice M. Haseltine

Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration

Rochelle B. Falk

Estate Planning, Probate, Estate Administration & Fiduciary Litigation

Amy DeGraeve

Estate, Probate, Trusts & Fiduciary Litigation

Aaron K. Kirkland

Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration, Adult & Minor Guardianships, & Fiduciary Litigation

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